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CP Industries
560 North 500 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116
Phone: (801) 521-0313
Toll Free: (800) 453-4931
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The safest, most powerful de-icer
Designed for those with a focus on performance as well as protection. Superior Sno-N-Ice is a must for anyone concerned with safeguarding concrete, metal or vegetation.
  1. Effective to -20°F (-28°C)
  2. Patented synergistic formula with Meltium® and CMA®
  3. Non-corrosive to metal and concrete
  4. Contain vegetation enhancers and protectors
  5. Safe for people, animals and vegetation*
  6. Long lasting to prevent freeze-thaw-refreeze cycles
  7. Unlimited shelf life (never cakes or clumps)
  8. Does not damage leather or carpets
  9. NSF approved, non-toxic

*When used as directed

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Concrete Damage

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Metal Corrosion

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Plant Damage